N32D Inc. continues to provide Website Maintenance Packages and Google AdWords Campaign Management to continue to grow their terrazzo installation accounts and strengthen Top End Terrazzo’s web presence.

Terrazzo Price Quote Estimator

We customized a web form to allow potential clients to enter details of their upcoming architectural/design project and receive an accurate project quote for terrazzo flooring installations.

Network Micro-sites

Shortly after launching TopEndConstructors.com, we launched another promotional microsite to direct traffic to TEC’s primary domain. Using shared and original content, TerrazzoPro.com was developed to purse organic search engine rankings for “terrazzo” queries.

First-time Visitor Video

When a user first visits the website, they are presented with a promotional video for Top End Constructors. A cookie is placed on the user’s computer indicating that they’ve already been presented with the video to allow the user to access the website, interruption-free, after viewing or closing the video.

Google AdWords Campaign Management

After launching the website, we continued to manage a Google AdWords campaign to display search ads (not network display ads) for numerous terrazzo-related keywords. The campaign was fully configured with Google AdWords extensions (Location, Phone, Sitelinks, etc.)

Before WordPress Web Development

Top End Constructor’s website appeared to be built on a proprietary PHP framework and had not been deployed with on-site SEO standards; several of the pages had no <title> tags and the home page simply said ‘Home.’

The website was also not designed to be responsive, so it was extremely difficult to view/use on tablet or mobile devices, forcing mobile users to either zoom out entirely or scroll back and forth on the pages in a zoomed-in view.

After WordPress Web Development

After the WordPress website redesign, Top End Constructor’s website was responsive allowing mobile and tablet users easy access. The client reported an increase in sales leads thanks to improved search engine rankings developed from new terrazzo-specific copy, on-site SEO and focused Google AdWords campaign management.