WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin – Referral Extension

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It's still in beta, so we're offering it for free to get some feedback

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It’s still in beta, so we’re offering it for free to get some feedback.

If you’re a developer with a WooCommerce website and you’re using the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin you may be interested in offering points/rewards for users who refer new users.

Currently, the plugin requires that a user_meta field “referral_user_email” exists, containing the email address of the referral user.

Depending on the level of interest, we may develop out the option of adding a new user registration field automatically; however, this new user_meta mapped field must not be editable by the user to prevent potential fraud.

How It Works

For example, if Bob ( refers a new user Doug ( Doug will need to include Bob’s email,, in a custom user registration field mapped to Doug’s user_meta value “referral_user_email.”

When Doug makes his first purchase (which meets/exceeds the minimum purchase price setting), Bob will receive points/rewards amount (referral reward setting) once Doug’s very first order has been marked completed. The minimum purchase price must be met for the referral user to earn their Points/Rewards upon the order’s completion.

If Doug makes his first purchase, but does not meet the minimum purchase price, Bob will not receive the points/rewards for his referral.

Set-up Overview

The quickest and easiest way to set up the user_meta mapping is by using Gravity Forms, with the User Registration add-on enabled.
Gravity Forms Developer License ($199/year) is required for the User Registration addon.

Install the plugin: Plugins > Add New > From Computer (tab). Upload the .zip file to install.

Once you’ve installed the plugin and mapped the Referral Email field to user_meta “referral_user_email”, update Points/Rewards settings for referral reward and minimum purchase price: WooCommerce > Settings > Points & Rewards (tab).


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